We want you to feel comfortable knowing you made a more eco-friendly choice​

About our products & Why us?

Most similar eco cases out on the market are made out of wheat straw and that is compostable and biofriendly as well and it usually consist out of around 25% wheat straw combined with 75% of a material called TPU. But the TPU raw material isn’t biodegradable.

So how about our case?
Therefore after numerous testing proccedures we decided that we need and want a fully biodegradable and compostable case, thats when our Eco Case by Caseganic was born.


We use 100% biodegradable material for our Eco Cases extracted from plant based fiber and starch. It consists of 65% PBAT, 25% Bamboo fiber, 5% PLA and 5% color powder. Below you can read more about each material.


This is a fossilbased resource that is an so called “bioplastic” which is biodegradable and compostable. With the mixture of both PBAT & PLA we can produce a fully biodegradable product.
Both materials can be broken down into water and carbon dioxide under the condition of natural burial or microorganisms compostation.

Bamboo fiber

Bamboo is the perfect match in sustainabillity and durablillty.  A bamboo tree can grow almost 1 meter per day, which make it easy to plant and farm. It is also 100% natural and biofriendly.


PLA (polylactide/polylactic acid) it is a  thermoplastic polyester and is a “bioplastic” which is biobased to 100%. It is normally produce through fermentation of sugars from natural raw materials such as from corn starch, wheat, sugar cane or residues. This bioplastic is both compost and biodegradable.

color powder

To create our vibrant and stylish colors for our Eco Cases we use a small amount of color powder. This is to really make it “POP” and stand out.


Our manufactures approved testings and certifications.
Biodegradable and compostable material in according with EU Standard EN-13432.